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At Lehmann Strobel PC, we understand that museums and cultural institutions face unique challenges. Particularly in these uncertain and changing times, museums struggle to maintain financial viability while remaining true to mission. The use and protection of creative content and cultural resources pose difficult new questions. To remain relevant and viable, museums need guidance from professionals who can help to keep pace with changing legal, ethical and professional standards.  

Lehmann Strobel PC was founded on the belief that museums and cultural organizations need an alternative to large, expensive, litigious law firms. We know that you need efficient and effective legal and business affairs advice from lawyers who understand the museum profession. For more than a decade we have been providing professional advice to museums and cultural organizations of all kinds. Client list.

Whether you need help with intellectual property asset management, nonprofit administration and board governance, employment and volunteer management, or museum ethics and policies, we can help manage your creative and cultural assets to achieve your goals.

Case Studies

The Goldstein Museum of Design

“The Goldstein Museum of Design houses a permanent collection of costumes, decorative arts, graphic design and textiles. The museum’s textile curator had submitted a grant application to fund an exhibit of costumes. Some of the costumes were made by well-known fashion designers. Others were homemade or their origin was not fully documented. Asked by the grantor how the museum intended to address issues of copyright ownership in the costumes, the museum curator contacted Lehmann Strobel for advice. I explained to the curator that historically recognition of a copyright in utilitarian designs has been extremely limited. Although there is legislation pending in Congress to address the specific issue of clothing design, currently there are no provisions in the US Copyright Act which specifically address copyright in clothing designs. We discussed what “best practices” would be appropriate given the circumstances. As a result, the curator was able to assure the grantor that their concerns about copyright protection would be adequately addressed.”

-- Walter G. Lehmann, Managing Partner

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