Lehmann Strobel PC – Offering Quality Legal Services to Artists, Art and Entertainment Professionals, Museums and Nonprofits

At Lehmann Strobel PC, we help our clients to create, exploit and protect their creative and cultural assets by drafting, negotiating and providing legal and business affairs advice on all aspects of film, television, radio and multimedia production, visual arts management and organizational planning and governance.  

Legal Services Offered

Creating: corporate formation and organization; property and equipment leases; literary and concept option and purchase agreements; story/life rights agreements; producer agreements; script-writing agreements; submission letters; property releases; agent/rep agreements; copyright, trademark and title searches, legal opinions and registration; commitment letters; development agreements; development grants and loans; investor deal letters; confidentiality and non-compete agreements; budgeting; investor financing; private placement memorandums; sponsorship and underwriting agreements; product placements; co-production agreements; commissioning agreements; grant funding agreements; talent agreements; producer, writer, director and key personnel contracts; composer agreements; production services agreements; union requirements; employment contracts; production insurance issues; long-form production agreements; location, personal and material releases; employee/independent contractor issues; post-house agreements; music licensing issues; music footage and other rights clearances; finishing funds and completion agreements; public art grants; artist's commission agreements.

Exploiting: commissioning issues; acquisition and licensing agreements; theatrical distribution agreements; video/DVD distribution agreements; sales rep agreements; self-distribution considerations; website creation, financing and management; merchandizing and ancillary licensing agreements for soundtrack, educational A/V, foreign broadcast, toys and games, and publishing; errors and omissions insurance issues; liability including defamation, invasion of privacy, first amendment and news reporting issues; artist/gallery consignment agreements; sales tax issues; shipping agreements; web-based charitable solicitations.  

Protecting: title and trademark legal opinions; copyright and trademark clearance concerns; copyright, trademark and patent registration; intellectual property protection and rights enforcement; website notices and disclaimers; import/export issues; cultural property concerns; public art; licensing, merchandizing and publishing; certificates of authenticity; chain of title, authenticity and provenance concerns; museum organization, governance and management; strategic and business planning; employment issues; exhibition planning and design contracts; loan and acquisition agreements; artist and collector estate planning; insurance issues; auctions and auction house agreements; appraisal issues.

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